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        Itsy Booth

        Itsy Booth is a fun new approach to the overly common “photo booth” that everyone has seen and used before. Instead of a strip of photos and a print that likely won’t even make it home from the event you took it at, you get a much more entertaining gif that you can text to your phone and share on social media immediately! It needs no backdrop or goofy props and because of it’s itsy footprint it can be set up virtually anywhere. Since no backdrop is needed, the space you’re in (which you likely spent countless hours designing and decorating to your exact vision) becomes the backdrop making it totally unique to you. Guests will have endless entertainment going back to the Itsy booth over and over to create different gifs of themselves and friends. And at the end of the night you’ll get a gallery full of every gif made to relive the night by!

        Easy and fun to use over and over again!

        About Me

        Adam started Adam Kennedy Photography in 2009 and has been photographing weddings, families, architecture, commercial spaces and lots of portraits.  We recently acquired this amazing new photo booth and we couldn’t be more excited about it.  We’ve exchanged strips of paper for Gifs that your friends & family will be laughing about for days to come.  We’re excited to help you elevate your next event, whatever that may look like!  Head on over to the Contact Me button and tell us how we can help you celebrate!