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        Meet the Itsy Booth

        the modern day photo booth

        A perfect addition to any event!

        Having the Itsy Booth at your wedding reception, birthday party, company event, etc. adds an element of fun that has your guests coming back for more time and time again.


        How long does it take to set up?

        Do I need props or a backdrop?

        Is there an attendant?

        Does the Itsy Booth produce prints?

        Do I get all the Gif's from my event?

        How do I lock Itsy booth In for my event?

        What if my venue doesn't have wifi?


        Leave all the setup to us! It takes just about 10 minutes to set up the unit itself, and we always request your venue’s wifi network name and password ahead of time so we can get on the network quickly and seamlessly while you are busy being the host of your party.

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